Wednesday, June 30, 2010

singing cowboys!

while we had ice cream, these sing cowboys stopped to sing "Home on theby range".

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Side by side tandem

Randy suffers a water bottle failure. We stop at a little cycle West Yellowstone MT, and spy the interesting bike.

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After 100 miles of riding in Yellowstone we leave the park and enter Montana. Yellowstone is a huge park!

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Firehole river part 2

While waiting, I cool my well used feet in the chilly water of the Firehole river. what an oxymoron.

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The firehole river

While waiting for Randy and Jake I chill beside this amazingly refreshing river.

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Colors everywhere

with the basins, spurting geysers, bubbling pools comes so many colors. But else where wild flowers also bloom in the most barren places.

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Grand Prismatic Spring

Steam, bubbling water, and so many amazing colors. These things are HOT! Sometimes the steam is so thick you can't see a thing.

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Bison along the road

we road within 10 feet of this guy, a tricky thing to to. Remarkable beast.

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These pools are hot; and steamy. sometimes you can' see a thing!

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Black Sand Basin

Steaming pools, gurgling gysers, deep green pools which seem bottomless. Amazing!

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Old Faithful

There she blows, only a few minutes late.

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Still waiting for Old Faithful

It's already late!

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T minus 15 minutes

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Grotto Geyser

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twice in five miles!

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cold, rain, mosquitoes

This morning we got up at 5:00 and left at 6:00am. It had rained much of the night, and continued to off and on. It was a cold rain, 45 degrees!

As we climbed the first of two divides we quickly forgot the discomfort as we observed the splendid Vistas, alpine lakes, and pine forests.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There seen to be Antlers everywhere. Here Jake (in Debois, WY) is got.g native.

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Real Yellowstone

Sorry, the previous Yellowstone entry was really us entering the Eisenhower parkway. In the early 1900's John D. Eisenhower, fearing the commercializaton of the area between the Tetons and Yellowstone, bought up the land and made a park.

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Tonight in Yellowstone we had our fist campfire! It definitely cleared out most of the mosquitoes. in the background Jake diligently works on his journal.

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Camp a Grant Village

As we rode into Yellowstone, dark threatening clouds began to spit huge, frigidly drops of rain. We sped up, and rode a fast final 10 miles just ahead of the big stuff, include an asent up and across the continental divide once again.
We set up camp, pitchi our tents, and then visited the camp store for tunafish, which I put on a bagels, and the others on crackers. I also had (cold) can of peas and carrots, a jug of Orange juice, and an Apple. Sound tasty?

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Grand Tetons

These mountains are truly marvelous! words fail me but perhaps this shot gives a small idea of the amazing world God has given us.

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It was a short but difficult diode from the Tetons to Yellowstone. we climbed some extremely steep passes in the 43 mile ride.

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Journey of hope

While descending the pass into the Tetons, we met the group of 18 cyclists, riding to raise funding for disabilities.

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Kayaking on Jackson Lake

Jake and Jim enjoy a peaceful and visually stunning morning on the lake.

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swimming in frigid water

Rock beach in the shadow of the Tetons!

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Downhill - 17 miles

An amazing descent! Breathtaking views of mountains, snowmelt, and forested hills. Part way down there was road work, and we had to be ported in a pickup for about a mile and a half.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Beautiful Ride!

Today was the most beautiful ride even. We started by climbing for thirty miles, but the snow capped mountains, alpine lakes, and perfect green trees almost made us forget the climb. At the top we met a group of 18 Catholics riding coast-to-coast raising money to fight poverty. They are called "Cycling for change".

We Hung out with them at this location right at the 10,000 foot pass, an amazing lake still half covered with snow.

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Tie Hack

On the way to Grand Tetons.

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Riding toward the Tetons

June 27 rode 76 miles from Lander to Debris, WY. It was a picture perfect riding day as we road up the Wind River Valley. We started by riding too fast for awhile with Grimm and Derek while randy visited a pow wow.

This is a typical scene of beautiful rock formations to be seen along the way, with many horse ranches along the roaring mountain river.

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Birthday Boy

June 27 is Randy's birthday!

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39 degree morning in Debois, WY.

It's 5:45 and I woke up COLD! It will warm up soon, but for the meantime I'm shivering in my wool shirt and with tights under my hiking pants.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

RV Anyone?

On Friday (6/25) We ride out of Riverside, WU, and rode 93 miles Northwest to Lamont, WU. After a extremely difficult ride mostly into high headings, we rolled into Riverside. There we found a seemingly abandoned dilapidated cafe (Gramma's Cafe), a house, and a auto junkyard. It turned out the cafe was still operating, but Grammas was in Camper getting her hair done. Gene, her son, let us pitch tents in the back, and Gramma soon came home and sold us ice cream sandwiches from her freezer. In the back we found this great example of American Ingenuity.

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Dinner in Landers

Here we are with the folks from England. What a nice time. And Landers is s nice small western town .. a real family town rather then a tourist town.

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dinner in Landers

Saturday we rolled in Landers, and after dropping our stuff at Mary and Ray's, we went downtown and ate at Bennett Car, a hip little place with live music and an out door patio. We met up with Grimm and Derek from Yorkshire, UK, and their wifes' Leslie and Ronda. We met the men on the road biking 3 days ago and have been running into them every day. Their wife's drive the route in a RV, meeting them for tea (seriously), meals, and night time. We ate with them, discussing everything from Dr. Who to children. Much fun.

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Last night Saturday we stayed with Ray and Mary in there beautiful home in Lander, WY. Ray and Mary were members of "Warm showers" .. people willing to give people a place to stay on bike tours. they gave us two bedrooms, and a both to share. Than this morning Mary made us waffles with a huge variety of toppings! Yum!

Thanks Ray and Mary

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

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morning in Wyoming

This morning we got up early and left Grammas's Cafe (Lamont), and rode north to Muddy Gap, trying to beat the winds. It wad a perfect ride until we turned west toward Landed, our final destination for the day, and hit massive head winds and to miles of gradual climbing.

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This morning we started at 6am, riding a beautiful 12 miles north over the continental divide again (east to west) to Muddy Gap. We had a tail tail wind, and we seemed to float through the desert, between the mountains, with the birds singing. it was a perfect ride.

We stopped briefly at the gas station, the only thing around for miles, then headed east toward Jefferies, another 25 miles west. We then het a head wind, and began drafting each other, taking turns pulling, to minimize the load. along the way we saw a rattlesnake right by the road, alive and rattling! We had passed within one foot of it.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

day 2

Today we rode 112 miles from Kremmling, CO to Riverside, WY. Many adventures were had.

We left the church around 7:00, and started with jackets in 45 degree sunny weather. We rode 28 miles before stopping at a 10,000 acre bison ranch. Randy bought some Buffalo jerky, and they let us eat on their porch. (There was absolutely no towns or stores or even parks for the first 62 miles!)

At mile 45 we crossed the continental divide at "Muddy Gap". The climb up was 32 miles, going from 7.100 to 8.700 feet, but was not too bad. The following 8 mile desent was fun and beautiful. As the day before, all around us the snow capped peaks continued.

It's an amazing thing to go so far without seeing any services, just widely spread ranches and the occasional house. The mapped did have a town marked, Hebron, at mile 48, which I looked forward with great anticipation, thinking of tasty refreshment, but it was just a few decaying house, almost a ghost town.

After 62 miles of no services we reached Walden, CO at 1:00 pm. The little western town was at 8,500 feet, and rustic and charming. We had lunch at the Moose Crossing Cafe, both tasty and inexpensive. We ate don the front porch, a log beamed affair the looked over the small down town.

My Discover Card was rejected here, and I spent the next 2 hours on the phone in extreme frustration trying to work out a fund transfer between accounts that had mysteriously failed. I tried to ride and talk on the phone, but high side winds made it almost I.impossible to talk. Randy and Jake were gracious and waited for me.

during the last 50 miles, as we passed into Wyoming the land become less alpine ranges with narrow stream filled valleys. It was now huge 10-20 mile very flat arid valleys surrounded by distant rolling mountains, with peaks of higher snow capped ranges beyond.

The last 30 miles became increasingly windy, with gusts so high at times it was necessary the peel downhill! At mile 85 we glimpsed a pass in the distance, with the curve road peaking up here and there inbetween. Randy guessed it at 7 miles, and I though 5-10. It turned out it was 13 miles, with the last 3 being a steep, continuous climb into a relentless heading top hoped at 8.000 feet. Such a climb would be difficult for fresh legs, but doing it at 97 miles was, what? Torture at times? Still, I wouldn't have missed it.

We rode into Riverside, WY at 7:00 pm, and got a camp site at the Lazy acres Campground. Riverside has a sign posted at it's boundary, "Population 59"! there was a restaurant across the street "The Bear Trap". Which had descent prices and good food.

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day 1

Today I flew to Denver to meet Randy Cronk and his nephew Jake, who had flown to El Paso 8 days earlier, and were cycling north.

On reaching Denver I picked up my boxed bike, which the airport worker literally threw on the large item chute. My bike was unschathed, and seemed fine after I reassembled it.

It took me 45 minutes and 9 miles of riding in circles before I finally left th airport behind. After 22 miles, I met Julie, randy's sister in Aurora, and together we drove to Silverthorn, Co, where Randy and Jake were waiting.

Silverthorn, a small tourist town for skiers and outdoor adventurerd, had a alpine themed outlet mall. We ate at Chapoltas, while Randy caught up with his sister.

We then road 40 miles through stunningly beautiful mountains, with snowcapped peaks all around, following a noisily gurgling mountain stream. Scattered amoung the mountains, perched in seemingly unreachable locations, were mountain chalet homes, mostly made of wood, and all Windows and high peaked roofs.

We rode to Kremmling, a small mountain town, with one dusty main street. As soon as we stopped we were attacked by an army of mosquitoes. I started riding again, and didnt stop until I found a "Mountain Dollar" (seriously) and bought some Off.

We ate at a Subway, and Randy negotiated a place to sleep in Church, freeing us from fighting more mosquitoes.

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